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Editor: In this post, the focus is on Content Management Systems. To help with the analysis I turn the floor over to my guest author, Claudettehoss26. 

Technology has evolved over the years and has given birth to new entity such as the content management system (CMS).  More and more people are becoming aware of its existence, but are not very knowledgeable about this system.  Therefore, questions arise as to the use of this software in the business world, and the type that would best suit their needs.  In this article, I will try to explain such reason(s) as simply as possible.

What is a Content Management System?

       Content Management System has become extremely popular within the web development industry because of its benefits.  This software is a web interface that allows one to do all administrative tasks without the use of web programming.  It is best to decide upon the type that best suits your needs, since there is quite a variety to choose from.

        Another way to define this design is,  this architectural design, in question, is an application tool that allows a user to edit, create and publish content. Early CMS software was used to manage great volume of documents, such as images, videos, text and other form of data.  CMS is now virtualized to manage contents on the website.

This unique design is developed to allow users to interface naturally with the application by building and enhancing webpage content.  This software also permit “on-line publishing” features, where content can be published on the internet, which include creating and uploading websites, updating webpages and posting blog on line.  In order to publish content on the website, three things are needed and these may include:

  • Web development software
  • Web server
  • Internet connection 

  •         Web publishing tools are provided by content management system that allows users to be able to publish updates live on the web.  The editing component of the software is the content management application (CMA).  The publishing tools may be referred to as the content delivery application (CDA).  These two components are combined together in a content management system, so as to facilitate the web development process. 

            Content management system software are available installable programs and web-based user interfaces.  The older version of CMS programs such as the Adobe contribute are now being replaced by web-based content management systems. It is observed that most people prefer a web interface because it simplifies the website updating process.  Many of these software may be updated automatically in order to ensure that all users are able to manage their content with the most modern application tools.  Here is a litany of the most popular content management systems:

    • Joomla - is quite a flexible tool for publishing and supports custom database and extensions
    • Weekly - a web based platform for creating personal and business website
    • Wix  - This entails a collection of web processing tools, suitable for creating a highly customizable website
    • Word Press – a free web software designed for creating template-based websites or blog
    • Blogger – Google’s blogging tools designed for maintaining a blog
    • Drupel – an open sourced platform often used for developing community based sites

    Things to Bear In Mind When Choosing a CMS

    All your effort would be futile without a content management system tool of supreme quality to control or manage your content.  That is the bottom line.  How do you fine tune your search to ensure that you are making a rational choice of a product that meets all your requirement(s) in the long run?  
    This brief outline serves to provide an insight of the key things to bear in mind when selecting a content management system product.  This software has become increasingly popular world-wide and making the right selection can be a tedious task.  A product may work quite differently in relation to the organizational environment; therefore, selecting a product that best suits the requirement of the individual or organization would be extremely wise.

    What to Look for in a CSM

    Each situation or requirement differs in various ways and looking for a solution to fill most (if not all) the requirements, may be a wise move, depending on your application’s demand, such as, technical support, cost, and the task requirements for your content management system product.  A WordPress may be the best choice for a simple blog.  Joomla, Adobe CQ, and many more (to name a few), may be suitable for something not so complex and SharePoint may be equally the best choice for a more complexed, customized site that may require scalability and complex content organization.  Here are some guidelines to the matter:

      Product Strategy:  All vendors have future goals for their career in business and this is to promote and market their wares.  It is suggested that purchasers culture and display the same attitude towards purchasing items such as content management systems or other selections.

    Cost:  One gets carried away quite easily while observing the features and capabilities of a variety of products.  But the outcome of selecting the wrong system can be severe.  See how the product compare within your budget and be sure to think about the total cost of ownership (TCO) in relation to the licensing cost.  Also bear in mind the ongoing annual fees with the additional cost of product updates.

    Targeting Audience:  If you decide to create a website for product comparison, you may need to give some consideration as to whether the product is focused on business users or developers.  The web content management (WCM) system should be a suitable choice for business users who are able to change products as their marketing demands unfold.

    Specialization:  Many products may offer lots of capabilities, but not all may apply in your case.  Working with a vendor who specializes in your area may be your best bet.

    Technical Support:  Determine whether or not the content management system product is capable of running multiple websites from the same installation.  The ability to integrate with the other system may be a matter of concern if this quality is lacking.  Select products that are compatible with your existing design that is already in use.  The security aspect of the product, the ability to make upgrades and performance are some of the factors to bear in mind.   In the event of a technical issue, there is dire need for support.  You may face problems in share hosting because of shared space.   In this situation, Technical support plays an important role. Round –the-clock full support is available from the service provider to those in need, once the necessary contact is made.

    Deployment:  How will you get the content onto the production, once it is created?  You need to look at the product’s deployment capabilities.  Does the product provide control over  multi-sites/multi-stage deployment, and how does publishing workflow operate?

    Security: Hackers tend to roam the internet and the content management system in order to execute their cyber- attack against unsuspecting users.  Not all users practice security measures and this negligence exposes them to cyber security risks, such as compromise and denial of service.  It is mandatory to secure content management systems according to manufacturer’s guidelines, and limit their exposure to intruders.   The implementation of strict security measures, for major applications, is a requirement for safeguarding against future security breaches.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of CMS

    • User friendly as it is easy for a novice to operate
    • It facilitates multiple users
    • It improves site maintenance
    • It streamlines scheduling
    • Design changes are simple
    • Assists in organizing and managing contents
    • You are in control 
    • Can be cost effective
    • May be costly with inadequate knowledge of budgeting
    • Needs to be upgraded with constant changes in software
    • Hosting is expensive
    • Maintenance can be extremely costly
    • The question of renting or buying a CMS is being debated

    (This chart depicts the various aspects of a CMS in a nutshell)


    Here, I have carefully researched and summarized the facts on the topic mentioned above.  I hope this will guide you towards making a wise choice on the matter because not all products and facilities are ideally perfect.  They all have their ‘pros’ and ‘cons’.  While I trust that you find this presentation enlightening, it is suggested that you make a diligent analysis of the facts shared and make the choice that best suits your need.


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